One to one mind changing action action sessions

  1. Three 25 minute intensive scheduled telephone coaching sessions per month
  2. Email coaching between sessions, when ever you want.
  3. Laser coaching calls, when you want to briefly talk between scheduled sessions.
Good Month to month $1100
Better Three months advance pay $2700.
Best Six months advance pay $5000

E-Coaching Package One scheduled telephone session to set direction and pace 12 weekly email sessions to cover prescribed actions,Q&A, success celebration, accountability established, progress checks, obstacles assessed/reduced/eliminated/ overcome. Brief laser telephone sessions as needed for clarification, encouragement, or obstacle busting. Choose from the following. Or work with Coach Moore to design a program to meet your unique goals.

  1. Firm Foundation: Define your bed rock values to build your life on.
  2. What are your sources of energy?: Excavate your sources of motivation and energy. Make them a part of every day living.
  3. More of-less of: Discover and define what it is that give you vitality and strength.
  4. The best possible you: Like a sculptor chisel away until the real you is revealed. Scour over character traits, practiced life skills, personal qualities to define your unique expression to the world.
  5. Drop Excess Baggage: Define the things and relationships in your life that you are either doing or you have that are not adding value. Put them on trial. If they cannot show merit then develop and execute a plan to eliminate them. Eliminate tolerations that rob energy and productive focus.
  6. Focus on what you do best: Explore your personal and situational strengths.

Specific programs offered are subject to change without prior notification. Coach Moore strives to provide the most effective programs to propel clients to set and achieve their goals. From time to time changes will be made to keep the programs evolving and fresh. Many clients find that repeating the program cycle deepens the knowledge and strengthens their commitment to personal growth. On the subsequent cycle you can take the same programs or use others. Even the same programs will be different because you will change from this process.

This program is $97.00 billed every 4 weeks, 3 times in 12 week cycle.

Save by paying for 12 weeks up front, only $264.00

Selected Programs. Four weeks of self guided Coaching. Assignments sent each week. Email collaboration with Coach Moore each week.

Magnetic Attraction: Become a relationship magnet. Define ways to reveal the irresistible you to the people and opportunities that are right for you. Mold an environment that brings forth the best in you, and draws the best to you. Take steps every day to be true to your real self. Order for $67.00
Sharpen your skills: Explore your current skill set and define the skills you’ll need to thrive in the future. Formulate a plan to acquire the skills and experiences.Order for $67.00
Order both of the above and save 10%!  $120.60 for both.
Power Group Coaching: Join 8-10 other like minded people. Watch the power of synergy, support and accountability propel you forward. Feel your velocity increase as you pursue; Goal achieving, Obstacle busting, Clear vision attainment, High expectation setting, and Momentum building. Three months of power generating coaching with like minded people guided by an insightful, visionary coach. Come to this group with a commitment to show up fully and participate. $97 per month for 3 months. Payment automatically submitted at beginning of each month. Long distance call charges are not included.

Easy Pay, Variable Services (not listed above) and Amounts: For the convenience of my clients who want a service not listed above, and have discussed the service and price with Coach Moore, I offer this Buy Now Button. It’s a quick and easy way to pay me, whether or not you have a PayPal account. Just add the description and amount, along with the other required information. Fast, easy, and secure.

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