Coaching Q & A

Following are the questions often asked about one to one coaching services.

Q.     What is the one-on-one coaching process like?
A.      The foundation for one to one coaching is three 25 minute phone sessions per month. The sessions are in the first, second and fourth weeks of each month. The third week gap provides a pacing break to catch up on commitments and reflect on progress. A toll free number is provided for your convenience.

Accomplishments and obstacles don’t follow a weekly pattern so email coaching is used between telephone sessions to keep the momentum flowing. Occasionally you may want a brief discussion between sessions. These ‘Got a minute?” coaching segments (5 minutes) are available as required. You control the pace. Just as beautiful music is a combination of the playing of and silence between the notes, most of the learning/growth/action/results happen in the time applied between the coaching sessions.

What you do is up to you. I will ask you to be accountable for completing what you say you will do. My coaching style is to ask that you making steady progress and as appropriate you raise the bar on what you ask of yourself.

Prior to each coaching session you’ll send a session prep form that summarizes interval progress, obstacles and celebrations as will as indicates topics you want to delve into during the session. It’s not all structures however. During any session we’ll follow the path that makes the most sense at the time. We can’t always anticipate how one thought will trigger something even more worthwhile and seemingly unrelated.

Q.     Who typically chooses to be your client?
A.     I coach people who have experienced achievement yet are not moving or at least not moving fast enough now. Their goals are vague. Their action plans are soft. Life is much like a sailing vessel in the doldrums. At the point they become clients they have become self aware enough to know that something has to change and they need help to make the change happen.

I find that my clients are men and women and the age range seems to be between 35 -55, although not exclusively. I have senior managers, middle managers, Motivational Speakers, Entrepreneurs, CPA’s, Programmers, and Teachers.

The occupation, it turns out, is not the significant factor. The common characteristic is that my clients are people who want life to be better, have accomplished enough in their life to know they have it within them to do more, be more and have more. They just don’t know what more is. They don’t know the next step, or knowing the step can’t overcome inertia to take the needed step. What they want, even if only a vague feeling, is to live a bigger life then they are now.

I have also coached people who have become or are becoming coaches.

Q.     What can I expect from Coaching?
A.     An environment that makes growth towards success a natural occurrence: focus, clarity, values guided life choices, a feeling of being in the flow and moving forward again, celebration of accomplishments, sounding board and idea partner, someone who sees your greatness even when you lose sight of it. Support when it’s needed, encouragement to push on, accountable for following through. More to the point -clients want to accomplish something significant. Coaching is focused on that accomplishment. It is not activity as an end of its own.

Q.     About Ernie?
A.     I’m a coach: I have invested much of my adult life in studying and applying self development skills and methods. I have shared with others what I learned as a

  • motivational speaker
  • trainer
  • executive
  • professional organization leader.

I reached the point where I realized that self development alone was not bearing fruit. The ROI was not enough. It was then that I learned about Coaching. I have become passionate about expanding to others the growth velocity of those who have a capable coach.

Focus and clarity consistently applied are needed to keep on the chosen path, at the right pace. Almost everyone benefits from having someone to keep those elements in place.

I have graduated from Coaches Training Institute. I am enrolled in the graduate School of Coaching. I have several coaching related certifications.

I am the founding president of the Iowa Coaches Association, ICF chapter. As a friend once said of me, I love to start organizations. I love to dive into new projects and get things moving in an orderly way. I love to create.

I have enjoyed rappelling, white water rafting, sky diving.  Each has served as a means of testing my limits. I embrace and seek positive change in my life.

Fear is not an obstacle to me. Yet I also, as one CEO said of me, take “calculated risks.” There has to be a reason, the reward must be greater then the cost, and steps taken to mitigate the exposure.

I am a cautious adventurer.

When I want to do something I set up an environment that makes it necessary to move forward, diminishing the need for will power.
Q.     How long does a Coaching Alliance last?
A.     Some people are done in 3 months. Many clients find that after three months their perspective changes and they want more coaching on bigger objectives.

I have clients that have been with me for more than 2 years.

Expect to start out with 3-6 months to get where you want to go initially. Stay with me as long as you love coaching and are getting great value for the time and cost applied.

If you were investing in stock you would keep investing as long as you were getting great return. So it is with coaching.

Q.     What are your One to one Coaching fees?
A.     Coach Moore is based in the United States, so all fees are in US Dollars.

The monthly investment for coaching is $550 per month with substantial discounts for pre-payment.
Term     Investment     Savings

3 months     $1550.00     $100.00
6 months     $3000.00     $300.00

And beyond? Once we’ve completed the initial coaching term, we can simply roll over for another term as you pursue expanding goals. Or you have the option to shift to a maintenance mode of coaching of twice a month ($240 per month), or even once a month ($130 per month).

Q.     What if I decide not to finish the coaching term?
A.     If at the end of the first month of coaching it just isn’t working for you then you get a 100% no quibble refund.

If after the first month you choose to stop coaching -you’re not getting value or something changes- you get a full refund of the unused portion. If you’ve chosen an advance payment option, you would then be charged at the standard monthly rate $450 for the coaching services you have used.

If you know you want to get started or if your interest is piqued, I suggest we have a conversation about your goals. This begins with you filling in the online What Might Coaching Do for You? page. After you’ve filled out the form, Coach Moore will schedule your 20-30 minute conversation.

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