Who are you, really? What are your strengths? What are you doing that gets in the way of your success? An online assessment can reveal you to yourself.

Completing the assessment and going through it with Coach MOORE can greatly accelerate your coaching progress. If you want faster results from coaching this assessment is the way to go.

DiSC®: Personal Profile System® 2800 Series Computerized Report

This computerized report provides you with a more comprehensive look at who you are in a selected life role. The results of the assessment will generate valuable coaching opportunities.

The foundation of success lies in understanding ourselves and others, then adapting our behavior to meet diverse needs. Over 40 million people have experienced DiSC, allowing them to be more productive communicators, creating positive relationships, and increased performance.

The price of the assessment alone is $125.00. If you are enrolled in the Personal Success Coaching series then the assessment can be reviewed during your scheduled coaching session.

(Clients pay $75 for this assessment.  Click here to sign up.)

Right Click here and choose “save as” to download a sample report in PDF format.

To purchase the Personal Profile, click below.

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